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What is Energetic Jewelry?


"The universe and the light of the stars come through me." – Rumi

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy." – Rumi


Everything is energy, even an inanimate piece of clay, and it flows, delivering messages to those that are open. This has become more obvious to me as my fine silver jewelry business unfolds.

As a Reiki Master and energy-worker, I experience healing energy moving through me to my client during a session. However, I never expected the same energies to fill me and pass through to my jewelry. I realized that creating unique pieces would be a wonderful artistic outlet, but I didn’t expect the experience to awaken a new part of myself and deepen my connection to the universe!

Even after I discovered this fact, I continue to be amazed at the distinctive energetic signature each piece holds. It is as though each piece of jewelry has its own life and personality and I can feel it whenever I hold it in my hands.

Believe in Angels

The “BELIEVE IN ANGELS” pendant is a special example of this awareness. The minute I sat down to work on her, I could ‘see’ the image that was coming through the clay and even felt the intended message. Her head was to be tilted with her angel wing wrapped around her in a loving, nurturing way. I listened to this gentle urging and created her to match my ‘knowing’.

As I formed the many parts of this pendant, I began to feel her energy signature…she was very tender and sweet, and the power of love was her message. She reminded me that love is the most powerful anchor we can tap into during our lifetime and that it often comes in a very soft, gentle package.

This angel will bring the one who wears her a gift and a reminder to allow oneself to love, to be loved and to share oneself gently with the world around you. She also wants the wearer to remember that being vulnerable can actually be the quickest way to surrender to one’s strength and fortitude.

I hope you enjoy looking through my creations. Perhaps you will connect with a piece that has a special message just for you!


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