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Welcome to beckettstudio!
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When I was little, my dad used to call me Beckett. It always made me feel special to have a nickname from my father. He used it in such a warm, loving way that merely repeating the name brings back vivid memories of a very happy childhood and time with my dad. We spent many hours in the deep woods of Canada, hiking and climbing rocks together. We woke up early to be out on the lake by sunrise. These moments of time with my father gifted me with an appreciation of nature that will forever be a foundational part of who I am today. Now that I am grown, the images of my youth and of nature are yearning to be expressed in my fine silver jewelry.

My studio is situated at the edge of a wooded ravine, where the wildlife and foliage I see through my picture window provide daily inspiration. Deer, coyote, raccoon, and many different birds add their energy to my creations.

My jewelry is handcrafted using a multistep process including design, texture and formation, refining and hand sanding, firing, burnishing, tumbling, and patina. Although some designs are re-created, no two are ever exactly the same. Each itme is made of 99.9% fine silver, which is a higher silver content than sterling, making this creation a valuable work of art.

My designs are created to evoke a peaceful quality when worn. I often use crystals, gems, natural motifs, and empowering words as symbols to remind the wearer to stay on a path of balance, harmony, and love.

In addition, I enjoy designing custom work, and find that special-order pieces can be a very personal gift for you or a loved one.

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